Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas 2013--Warm wishes and a couple of rants :p

I think I've finally figured out how to blog on a website properly: DON'T build a blog directly onto your website so that every time you want to post your blog, you have to reu-pload your revised site!

...I should have figured that out before...

ANYWAY--it's Tibb's Eve 2013, and I'm looking forward to some Christmas festivities. For those of you who don't know me (assuming anyone is actually reading my blog :p) I'm a very old fashioned man when it comes to my behavior and style. Because nothing says Christmas quite the same way as Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', I took it upon myself to dress up in a long black wool coat, a fancy scarf, and a top hat for any journey I make during the season. So far, people have enjoyed it--well, those who have noticed, at least. I'm enjoying myself, though, and the old-fashioned look is really adding to my Christmas spirit, so why not, hey?

Also, it makes me feel like The Doctor from Doctor Who. I'm a proud geek, so there!

I've finally redesigned my site so it doesn't look like a site that I pulled of a Macbook Pro (*whistles*), but instead has a bit more of a personalized feel. The downside: I'm finding myself having some coding issues with some of the things I'm trying to add into my site. For example: my Contact page. On my old site, I just put up my phone number, e-mail address and address for people anywhere and everywhere to read and contact me that way.

...That was STUPID.

I've had people calling me trying to sell me stuff, and I've got more Spam than a Monty Python show. SO I decided to go the intelligent route and to put in a form that people could fill out and I'd get the message in my e-mail and it would be regulated and anonymous.

...Of course it wouldn't WORK!

So for the time being, I'm back to the old and stupid method. I've put warnings about spamming me or trying to sell me stuff on the page. I doubt it'll work but hey--I'm a creative guy. People want to call and annoy me, I can annoy them right back, and perhaps even better. I'm the king of annoying--just ask my girlfriend.

...or read enough of my blogs. IF I write any :p

I'm going to try and pull up some of the old blogs I wrote and see if I can "retro-date" them so they appear in the right order. I doubt it will work because I want it to, but let's give it a shot. Also, if any of you folks are computer coding wizards and know anything about ExpressionWeb 4, please hit me up and maybe you can teach me something.

I'm going to try and be better at writing in this, but since it's a busy time of year I might not be here before the time comes so: Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for being incredible.

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